Let's play a game I like to call Can Your Insurance Do That?

Finding insurance will never be as much fun as those T.V. commercials would have you believe. Online or off, its a hassle all the way around, and no matter how thorough the paper work, it

Motor Club of America

just never seems like enough. Well it isn't, and that's why you need Motor Club of America.

Bad things happen- cars break down, wallets get stolen, people slip and fall. Its crucial to have insurance coverage for things like roadside assistance, emergency room visits, and even bail

bonds, for accidents too astonishing to predict. Motor Club of America has been operating in North America since 1926- and their insurance is backed by Zurich American Insurance

Join Motor Club of America

Company, whose founding goes back to 1872! The longevity of these two companies speaks volumes to the quality of their insurance coverage and the effiency of the services they provide.

In this day and age Travel has become a much more accessible option for many people. Whether you fly, drive or ride the rails Motor Club of America can also provide you hotel information

and discounts. The roadside assistance can provide you with Towing Service for up to 100 miles or Travel Assistance Reimbursement can provide food, lodging or transportation in the event

the vehicle you're driving is disabled by an accident. No matter where you go in the US or Canada you're covered, and all you have to do is carry the card!

Arrived at your destination but someone's wallet went missing? Motor Club of America coverage covers your credit cards up to $1000, with free credit card registration! In the face of how

quickly theives can access the web after stealing your cards, wouldn't you want to know you're protected? Emergency room visits and hospital stays both covered for applicable accidents-

$150 a day per room fees- its a whooping $54,750 a year!

There's so much more to the Motor Club of America's coverage- personal injury benefits, prescription discounts, legal fee coverage, death benefits- its amazing that everyone doesn't already

have it. The truly amazing thing is how its only $19.95 a month per member! The best thing is, if you do think its so amazing that you have to share it with a friend or loved one- they'll

advance you $80 per person you enroll! That's because Motor Club of America knows they're successful at helping people, and the more people they help, the more successful they'll be.

We can't know what the future holds, but we can guess there's a good chance a bad thing might rear its ugly head. Wouldn't you like to be as prepared as possible- for as cost effectively as

possible? Let Motor Club of America help you stay ready for whatever lies just up ahead.